Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wedding Planning!

So our "Family Friendly Couples Shower" is coming up (18 days to be exact, but who is counting?!?! lol) and I am SUPER excited! I really want to make sure that all the kiddos have fun at the party too so I have picked up a couple things to keep them entertained! If you are reading this and are planning on bring kids, please feel free to bring ANYTHING to make them have fun and be more comfortable (jumpers, play-yards, toys, or games!)

We are going to take Connor this weekend to pick out all the drinks for the "kids cooler"

They are inflatable, so they aren't too dangerous... right?

Since we couldn't have the shower at the bowling alley I thought we could bring the bowling to the shower!
Hopefully my Mom will share and let the little kids play a couple rounds of her favorite game!!! lol

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