Friday, October 9, 2009

Wedding Registry!

We have a little shop here in Marshall called "Square Corner" its located on the square and Tom and I are registered there. I ran up there before eating lunch with Tom to get a very special 1st birthday present for a very special little girl named... EMERY!

I may be slightly bias since she is my BESTIE's daughter, but is she not the cutest one year old in world!!! Lol Anyways back to the story… I saw one of these message boards in the store and I love it!!! The only problem is that the Square Corner only has 2 choices of colors, both having pick in them! I am not really a pink kinda gal, and I know that Tom wouldn’t really appreciate pink in our kitchen, so I got online and found these!

I have found lately that I am loving Vera Bradly! I love all three of them, I just wish that they had a bigger selection at the Square Corner so we could put one of these on our wedding registry up there!

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