Sunday, March 22, 2009

Life in the country!

Honestly! Two snakes, one bird, and a gutter is WAY more than this newly country girl can handle!

So a little background info will help you understand this story a little better… First of all, I have a HUGE fear of snakes I am really trying to work on this since I am going to be so exposed to them now that I live in the country! My passion for photography is actually helping me out! I just had a revaluation this morning that I shouldn't get upset when I see a snake, I should look at it as an opportunity to photograph such a feared species! With that said the second part of the story is my beloved lab Maddie, who is very much in heat at the moment which is a huge pain in the ass since Duke (Tom’s dog) cant stop “hit’n that shit!” Lol Sooooo with all of that said this is where my story begins…

I was let Maddie out this morning and was walking around the yard with her when I heard a strange noise coming from the downspout of our gutter. We have a pipe buried that directs the rain water to a nearby creek that runs by the house. I walked over to the downspout, gave it a little tap tap taparoo and a desperate animal was scratching like crazy trying to make its way back up the downspout to safety!

I (obviously) was not going to attempt to unlatch the connection at the ground and set the little critter free. But, I could’t bear the thought of the helpless little animal dying in there! So I called Tom! Lol luckily he was on his way by the house in his company vehicle…

He walked right over to it, and in one smooth action gave it a quite little tug, and swiftly removed himself from the action! With that a folded up snake was revealed!

Only the quick swift tug didn't open the passage enough so Tom decided (for precautionary measures) that a long poking devise was necessary. He went inside to fetch a broom and a blackbird came shooting out of the spout!

Me, being scared shitless as this was the last thing I expected, ran like hell for the safety of the nearby fence. Only to have Tom walk up and point out a little friend just hanging out only a few feet from me!

Tom used the broom and knocked the remaining connector completely off, and the snake headed for the safety of darkness.

Tom then hopped back in the company vehicle and headed on his way. Ahhh the life of a country girl…

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